Our tools solve the premature wheel bearing failure issue!

Wheel Bearing Greaser Tool for the MiataWheel bearings for Mazda Miata MX5 were designed to withstand general street use. However, when combined with higher sustained speeds and increased bearing loads from racing applications, the bearings wear faster due to the extreme use.  Without proper maintenance, the bearings may fail prematurely.  Don’t let this happen to your car!

The Wheel Bearing Greaser Tool, developed by Machined Integrations, allows you to easily add grease to the bearings. If you’ve ever packed a wheel bearing by hand, you will really appreciate how easy Wheel Bearing Greaser makes it. Simply insert into the wheel hub / bearing and pump grease into the tool with a grease gun.  Our tool will evenly distribute grease through the bearing.  Since the inner races are relaxed and away from the seals, you will see the old grease being evacuated without damage to any seals.

Use these as preventative maintenance on your existing bearings. If water or dirt exists in your current bearings, you may see water being evacuated when grease is being added.

Replacing your bearings with new? Add grease before installing. You will greatly extend the life of the bearings.

Available for both the FRONT and REAR bearings!