Who can forget the two most prevalent adages, “Success is 90% Preparation, 10% Perspiration” and an adage that was my father ‘s favorite , “work smart, not hard” will always hold true. As we know, track prep for your car IS truly a make or (literally) break piece for winning teams. If you could save time on prep and not sacrifice any quality doing it, I would bet most would be in favor of such a trade off.

With cars like the Mazda Miata MX-5, maintenance is key to wheel bearings if you want them to last. Let’s face it , with the added stresses of sticky tires and upgraded suspensions these wheel bearings see a huge amount of force they were not originally designed handle.

We have developed a service tool to aid in wheel bearing greasing preparation, that is, one that will ensure that the bearing is packed effectively and saves time. Our tool slips inside of the rotor or bearing hub and allows you to inject grease from the center, outward. Simply inject grease into your wheel bearings until you have a fresh supply come out around the outside. Wipe away the excess and reinstall your axle assembly. It really is that quick and simple.

Essentially, you will ‘kill two birds with one stone”. Our bearing grease tool will have worked smart AND do it with less than 10% perspiration.